Clean development mechanism and joint implementation on charts, version 5.0

The booklet contains a simple and visual description of the Clean Development Mechanism, Joint Implementation and international greenhouse emission trading. There is a glossary, enumerated bodies to be responsible for the work of the Kyoto protocol mechanisms such as the CDM Executive Board and the Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee in the document. Terms of CDM and JI projects implementation and process of validation and determination are explained in the schemes and charts.

Version 5.0 is elaborated taking into consideration the decisions adopted by the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol on its first session (COP/CMP1).

Basrec handbook on joint implementation projects. the second edition

In the second supplemented and updated issue of the BASREC Handbook on Procedures for Joint Implementation the EU emission trading system including its connection with the project mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol – Joint Implementation (JI) and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is reviewed. The Handook examines the issues related to the international emission trading that connected with JI (for example, registry requirements).

The purpose of the Handbook is an assistance in the development of the common understanding of JI rules stipulated in the Kyoto Protocol and JI Guidance contained in the Marrakech Accords. There is a review of the JI project cycle different stages for the first and second options of JI and necessary conditions that Parties should meet under the development of JI national procedures in the Handbook. This Handbook includes information and resumes received from CDM and its Executive Board where it is appropriate.

Joint implementation supervisory committee. 2006: resume of activities
A summary report about the Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee activities in 2006. There are the basic documents adopted by the Committee: Project Design Document Form and guidance for its users, guidance on criteria for baseline setting and monitoring, provisions for the charging of fees to cover administrative costs.
Joint implementation. handbook for russian companies
The goal of this Handbook is to summarise and transfer the gained experience on the Joint Implementation Mechanism to the potential Russian owners and developers of the projects. The Handbook contains useful information about the procedure of development and registration of Joint Implementation projects to be necessary to pass by Russian companies and ways of initial check that allow to estimate quickly and effectively how much planned investment projects answer the purpose of implementation through the mechanism of Joint Implementation.