Operational entity
legal entity accredited by Executive Board of the CDM for the verification, validation and certification of CDM projects.
Register of rights to GHGs emissions and operations with them
database of results of the initial distribution and subsequent assignment, transfer, sale, pledge or other action with respect to human emissions of greenhouse gases, which reflects the current status and historical perspective of the operations of human emissions of greenhouse gases on the intranet, national and international levels.
Removal unit (RMU)
unit equal to 1 metric tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent. RMUs are generated in Annex I Parties by LULUCF activities that absorb carbon dioxide.
Rights to GHGs emissions
authorization for a certain amount of GHGs emissions.
Source of GHG emissions
property complex, consisting of industrial and general-purpose, which emits GHG as a result of its operation.
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
international legal framework adopted in June 1992 at the Rio Earth Summit to address climate change. It commits the Parties to the UNFCCC to stabilize human induced greenhouse gas emissions at levels that would prevent dangerous manmade interference with the climate system.
periodic independent review and actual determination by an Accredited Independent Entity of monitored GHG reductions that have occurred as a result of JI project activity.